Timothy Villareal is a privately-vowed Catholic monk. 

His commentaries have been published by the The Washington Post’s On Faith, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, TheAtlantic.com, San Diego Union-Tribune, Tikkun, Patheos, Windy City Times, Austin American-Statesman, Wisconsin State Journal, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Tallahassee Democrat, Ithaca Journal, among other U.S. dailies. He is a contributor to Tikkun Daily, the daily blog of Tikkun magazine.

In the early 90s as a teenager, Timothy got his start in actvism with SMYAL, a Washington-based organization serving the needs of LGBT youth.  Speaking before high schools, professional associations, community-based organizations, U.S. House and Senate offices, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Maryland House of Delegates, he helped to raise public awareness of the struggles facing LGBT youth.

In 1999 and 2000, he lobbied Congress on behalf of the U.S. Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu, Israel’s nuclear whistleblower, raising awareness about the plight of Mordechai Vanunu and addressing the U.S. double-standard toward Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal.

Among other government reforms, Timothy has proposed and written about a constitutional amendment to modernize the U.S. Senate.  The proposed amendment has won the endorsement of the Hon. Tom Campbell, former U.S. Representative (R-CA.)  To read the amendment, please visit the U.S. Senate reform page at http://tyrannydissolution.wordpress.com.

Reader comments on any material on this site are not for publication.  To contact or leave a comment for Timothy Villareal please send an e-mail to: timothymvillareal@gmail.com

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